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Tips for a Beautiful Lawn 

Image this… You woke up one morning and realized it is springtime.  Yay!

You realized that the recent time-change will allow you to have more daylight to work on your lawn.

Very soon, you will plan barbeques, play with your pets, and enjoy your family, or friends on your lush green lawn.

Then reality sets in…  your lawn is not ready for spring.

Lawn Care Tips to Kick-Off the Spring Season

We have some expert tips you can use to get your lawn ready for the warm weather ahead. Our team of technicians developed a list of eight tips you can use to kick off your lawn care plan. If you use the following tips, you’ll to have a beautiful lawn that you are proud to show all season long. 

  1. Take time to walk your yard and find problem spots (broken items, dead plants, etc.).  Develop a plan to fix the problem spots.
  2. Clean the yard.  Clean up dead plants and other items that have accumulated during the fall.  We recommend taking time to spray down the sidewalks and shrubs as needed.
  3. Early in March and April, apply a light coat of fertilizer to the lawn and shrubs.  This will provide them with the nutrients necessary for the growing process that will begin shortly.  They will show their appreciation by turning a rich green color.  
  4. Refresh or fix weed barriers, sidings, and mulch.  This will make your yard look great.
  5. Replant shrubs and flowers in late April and early May.  Very soon they will take root and look beautiful as you go into the summer months. 
  6. As your grass begins to come out of a dormant state (changing from brown to green), begin to mow your lawn on a regular basis. 
  7. Begin to water your lawn on a regular basis.  Depending on your lawn, you should avoid watering it on a daily basis. 
  8. Make sure you have your system checked by a professional before starting your sprinkler.   This may save you frustration due to broken items.  Remember Emergency Sprinkler Repair Pros can help.
  9. Be on the lookout for weeds.  Pull weeds or use a weed killer as necessary.  Be careful to use a weed killer that is safe for children or pets if you have them.

If you follow these tips, you are destined to have a great spring and summer season with your yard. 


Let Denver’s Best Sprinkler Repair Company Help You

Feel free to call us if you need help with your lawn.  We are known for providing quality, affordable services in the following areas: backflow valve services; lawn care maintenance (weed pulling, lawn cutting, edging, and shrub trimming; rain sensor maintenance; spring sprinkler start-ups; sprinkler and lawn equipment inspections; sprinkler repair (replace lawn old sprinkler heads, valves, and control timers); sprinkler upgrades; and sprinkler winterization.  Visit our services page to learn what we do well. Remember – we offer discounts for senior citizens and veterans. 

Have a great spring and summer season from your friends at Emergency Sprinkler Repair Pros!  We are Denver’s best sprinkler repair company.  Call us at 303-437-1186 today to start your lawn care plan.


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